[Samba] [samba4] Thank you to the Samba Team

François Lafont flafdivers at free.fr
Sun Jun 2 16:56:52 MDT 2013


I wanted to write this message in order to thank the Samba team for the work they provided. With some colleagues we had to organize a national competitive examination for the Education (in France) for which the candidates worked on computers (on Windows 7). After thought, we had decided to use Samba4 with :

- a domain controller on a Debian Wheezy (it was a virtual machine that we had cloned, just in case),
- a member server on a Debian Wheezy (a real machine this time) which included users' data and roaming profiles,
- a second member server identical to the first one (except for the name and the ip address) which copied in real time the previous server's data just in case.

Everything was alright ! :-)

A real thanks to the whole Samba team for their work. It's a real pleasure and a chance to take advantage of such a software through a free licence. On the mailing list, generally the problems and bugs are obviously reported which is normal (because every important software contains bugs and evry important software is perfectible) but I wanted to point out here that, as far as we were concerned, the samba 4 technology worked out perfectly and it has even been really invaluable, the whole in a sensitive environment because all the same it was an examination. Therefore an interruption in services could have been quite problematic (but there wasn't any).

Well. Once again thanks a lot to the Samba team for this huge work which I hope will keep on improving and evolving for a very long time.

François Lafont

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