[Samba] netlogon & homes with Samba4 DC

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Jun 2 09:07:52 MDT 2013

Hello Hans,

Am 01.06.2013 22:38, schrieb spamvoll at googlemail.com:
> 1) netlogon
> smb.conf
> [netlogon]
>          path = /usr/local/samba/var/locks/sysvol/asta-wh.de/scripts
>          read only = No
> I can access the folder and execute the script as user, but it gets not
> executed automaticly

Did you add the name of the login script to the user account in ADUC (on 
the 'profiles' tab)? Or should the logon script be executed on a 
different way?


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