[Samba] Hello Mailing List, I really need some help/advice.

Michael De Groote ict at sint-pietersschool.be
Sat Jun 1 03:17:06 MDT 2013


See the other mail i sent you wrt the DNS stuff.
The problem with \\mydomain.local\profiles not working for you has to do
with *domain dfs*. You need to set up your DC to support this:

put these in your smb.conf:
host msdfs = Yes

msdfs root = yes

That should work so long as you only have one DC. From the moment that you
want multiple, replicated DCs + domain dfs, you need to look at other
solutions (i'm trying to play with glusterfs for the profiles share, and it
works, at least when connecting from winxp clients... win7 no luck so far)

That should do it... (well; see my posts on this list about samba4 and dfs,
and you'll see it's not all that simple/working)

Just try to solve the DNS issues first... correctly working DNS is critical
for the rest of the setup, and can save you headaches later on...


2013/6/1 Gary Maurizi <garymaurizi at gmail.com>

> Please bear with me as this is my first time actually using a mailing list.
> I've set up a CentOS 6.4 machine as a samba4 Primary Domain Controller, and
> successfully joined a windows 8 client machine to the domain.
> My question is as follows: when I add the computer "BED-DESK-01" to the
> domain "MYDOMAIN.LOCAL" shouldn't an A record be created for
> "BED-DESK-01.MYDOMAIN.LOCAL" so that while logged
> into SERVER.MYDOMAIN.LOCAL I can "ping bed-desk-01.mtolympus.local" etc?
> This seems to be the only part of AD that is not functioning for me at this
> point.
> I have also noticed some strange behavior when I browse to
> \\MYDOMAIN.LOCAL\ on the client and try to access a share called "profiles"
> that I created in /usr/local/samba/etc/smb.conf I get the error: "Element
> not found.", contrariwise, if I type in \\SERVER.MYDOMAIN.LOCAL or
> \\\ and click on profiles I can get into the share, browse, and
> create/modify files just fine?
> Further when opening network neighborhood, \\MYDOMAIN.LOCAL is not what is
> loaded by default.
> I am hoping that this is all indicative of one or two administration
> mistakes that I can fix with some assistance.
> Thank you so very much for your assistance,
> --GM.
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