[Samba] Windows 8 pro and Samba 4

isscma at aralar.edunet.es isscma at aralar.edunet.es
Tue Jul 30 14:59:51 MDT 2013

Thank you for the reference to the meaning of AD DC style domain.

The permission on the var/lib/samba/profiles is
1. owner can view and modify content
2. group can view and modify content
3. others forbidden
4 ownership: user (root), group(users)

ped, gem, testacc all belong to group users.

each samba user has a folder in var/lib/samba/profiles with full 
permissions. Because of the fact that we have win7, winxp and win8 samba 
differentiates the user profiles on the different operating system by 
appending V? for example if ped logs into winxp his profile folder will 
be "ped", if ped logs into win7 or win8 in order not to mix up the "ped" 
folder of his winxp profile settings, it creates another folder 

Also like I said earlier, domain users log in and out using winxp or 
win7 in our network without any synchronization errors except when it is 
done from win8. Also I noticed that the profile folder of a winxp or 
win7 domain user is very different in content from that of win8.

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