[Samba] samba4 on ubuntu precise LTS

jef peeraer jef.peeraer at telenet.be
Mon Jul 29 06:40:36 MDT 2013

I installed and configured samba 4.2.0pre1 on this ubuntu server 
12.04.2. It's purpose is to server as an PDC. During provisioning, I had 
to specify --use-ntvfs as option. However, i now read that s3fs is the 
default. Can i change to s3fs without reinstalling ?
What is the best permission setting for a share on the linux server ? 
chmod 0777 and then do all the permission settings from an AD tool in 
windows ?
Do these permission settings in linux have something to do with the 
samba filesystem ntvfs or s3fs ? Some howto's specify that you still 
have to use directory mask = 0777 and create mask = 0777 ?

jef peeraer

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