[Samba] How to install a replacement PDC?

samba1 at nym.hush.com samba1 at nym.hush.com
Mon Jul 29 04:47:24 MDT 2013

I’m testing moving a current Samba PDC configuration from an 
existing Unix server to a new Debian server, and as expected, can’t 

login to the new PDC from a PC which had been connected to the old 

The new Debian Samba configuration is working okay in that I can 
join a new PC to it, login, and access shares.

In a test environment I renamed the Debian server’s host and domain 

names to be the same as that of the Unix server, and manually 
created a user account in Debian and Samba for an existing test 
user and PC. I noted that the UIDs and GIDs are within different 
ranges on the two servers – In Unix they’re allocated from 100, 
whereas in Debian they’re allocated from 1000, so the test user and 

machine have been allocated different IDs on the two servers. Also, 

the SIDs are obviously different between the two servers.  I used 
‘net getlocalsid’ to find the two SIDs, and ‘net setlocalsid’ to 
set the SID of the new server to that of the old server.

I’d appreciate some pointers on what to do. I don’t want to have 
the exact same users on the new Debian server (some of the users on 

the Unix server have left) so was hoping to just create users and 
groups manually rather than copy existing files across. Do I need 
to edit the UIDs and GIDs somehow, and then export/import some 
password/security files? I’ve seen that on the Unix server there’s 
a file named /etc/smbpasswd, but that isn’t on the Debian server, 
so I’m wondering if they’re using a different type of security back-

end…  Is there a command which will report this, or which smb.conf 
parameters will identify this? I don’t do a lot of this stuff, so 
any help would be appreciated.

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