[Samba] R2 2008 Windows Domain Contoller VS Samba

Colb, Andrew andy at ici.org
Mon Jul 1 14:24:48 MDT 2013

Hi Rama,

Assuming that your 3.0.28 is the Solaris-provided Samba, install the various Samba patches per the Oracle site. This error is well known and is resolved in Samba 3.5 and onward in the 3. series. All that was easy for me to say. I can also appreciate that you are now "under the gun" to restore user access to their Samba-mediated files. Unfortunately, implementation of Sun patches is not that straightforward. 

Depending on the "U" version of Solaris 5.10, you may have a great deal of pre-patching to do in preparation for the Samba upgrade/patch. To avoid the hassle of a major patch project if your Solaris is at a very low "U" level, you may want to run Live Upgrade (which has its own patch requirements) to get to a relatively high "U" release level (i.e., U8, U9 or U10). Oracle has lots of documentation on running Live Upgrade, but we found that that a key preparation was purchasing/obtaining a bunch of used disks that have the same SUN part numbers as the root devices and can thus serve as target devices for the LU upgrade. A decent guideline is patch Samba if above U5; at or below U5 use LU to upgrade. But be consistent; if most of your systems are U8 with one or two at U5, then LU the two laggards to get to U8. You'll also need Sun media for the Solaris version you want to update to if going the LU route. If you don't want to go the LU path and you're not at too low a "U" release, you can probably get to 3.5 by patching and heeding the patch notes requests for pre-requisites and gotchas (always at the bottom of the document). This is a somewhat less complex problem if you have only a single Sun Samba server, but the strategy of making and preserving bootable root devices still applies. Overall, it's a long slog, but doable. 

Hope the above was useful.

Andy Colb

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We are using samba version 3.0.28 on Sun solaris 5.10 integrated with Windows 2003 Domain Controller.

It has been running for couple of years without any issues.

Recently the 2003 domain controllers are upgraded to 2008 R2 domain Controllers and the samba server that we currently have is not authenticating

With the new domain controllers. Could you please let me know which version of Samba works for the 2008 R2 domain controller on Sun solaris 5.10.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you,

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