[Samba] RE Samba (winbind) troubles

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 24 04:01:24 MDT 2013

Look, your still not getting the point steve. 
Yes, you made some good howtos, i've read them. 

But because there are so many options, so many roads to rome... 
It hard to decide what to use. 
Yes, developers needs to be developers, but if the developers dont document.
Who can make then the documentation, so yes, the devs need to do some documentation.
And what er is, is good, thats not the point. 

My point is, there are lots of people installing samba4, on different ways. 
I would be nice if there are some guideline howto setup such a thing. 
Ans yes, even microsoft of novell have such guidelines. But thats not the point. 

Im asking here, if the people how "really understand" samba4, and this can be dev of communitie people.
can make some simple howtos. As i already sad, im going to make one, like the one before. 
For example look at my old setup. 
Its still usable, ok, the layout is bit messed up, but it still works. 
( dont be to hard on it, it was my first howto. ) 

and, is stated in 2005... 

quote "
I try to give a complete solution for this how-to, 
this is because lots of people where asking the same things on 
the samba list and lots of people make the same mistakes.

and all these same questions are taking precious time of the dev's. 

Samba4 can be much much better in use, when there are "beter" howto's.
Which dont need compiling to make it more accessable for others,
and most important, no compiling software on production servers, its not safe and not needed!
Keep things as standard as it can be, you live gets so much easier if you do.
For example, my backups, are just /etc /home/MYDATA. and my ldap export.
If i have a crash, happend 1 time, i just reinstall my server, put back my configs.
and reset rights if needed, im always up and running within 1-2 hours. ( with about 40-60GB data ) 
Even if my building burns out. ( ok ,tape restore takes 1,5 hours, so, total restore time 3-4 hours ) 
I can replicate every installation very easy because of no compiling, and keep it as standard as i can.
Debian is a star of keeping the install files original, and use include.d dirs for extra settings. 
This is power in upgradeing and reinstalls. 

Thats my point. 

So lets help one and other, im looking for sernet based howtos, please e-mail them to me if you have one.
I'll try to make a new big howto for samba. 


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>On Wed, 2013-07-24 at 01:26 -0700, Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
>> > From: steve
>> > 
>> > On Wed, 2013-07-24 at 09:09 +0200, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>> > > 
>> > > I do like samba, but wiki/howtos are lots to improve.
>> > 
>> > To be fair, it's not just Samba. It's most open source stuff. 
>> > There are
>> > too many hobbyists and armchair users. As joe public, what we 
>> > should be
>> > doing is not criticising the devs for their poor documentation. We
>> > should be writing it ourselves at our own level. Let the devs enjoy
>> > their C and let's thank them for the code. It's not down to them to
>> > document it for end users. 
>> It's a little hard to write documentation when all you've 
>got is a million
>> questions and no answers. The only people who actually have 
>the answers are
>> the developers.
>That's not the case. They are too far removed from being an 
>end user let
>alone a beginner.
>You're just about to solve an issue that you have raised in 
>this thread.
>As soon as you have it solved then document it in your own words: your
>own notes in case you get the issue again. It's a small step from there
>to tidy it up a bit and blog or wiki it. You have the opportunity of
>using the non jargon, non technical language end users hate. Other end
>users will hit the blog like it's going out of fashion. 
>There's a demand
>for this level of documentation.
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