[Samba] Where is the tdbsam database?

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 24 01:40:11 MDT 2013

I've added Samba 3.6.8 to my Gumstix build, and I'd like to include a single
Samba user and password as part of the initial image. Can I do that by
manually adding the user to the TDB database, and then copying the resulting
file into my build machine and including it in the build? If so, where is
that file normally? (The few locations I've found mentions of via Google
didn't have it in my system.) And if that method won't work for some reason,
what other method might I use?

Also, once I've got a password in the system, what's the easiest way to get
my custom service (this is an embedded box) to change the password? Do I
have to spawn the smbpasswd program, and feed the new password into it on
stdin, or is there some library function that can do it? I'm probably going
to stick with the tdbsam backend.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco at ix.netcom.com 

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