[Samba] RE Samba (winbind) troubles

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 24 01:09:17 MDT 2013

hijacked the winbind threat.. but.. 


>> > If you want my opinion and you probably don't, people need to stop
>> > thinking NT server if they connect to a samba4 AD server and start
>> > thinking AD server, they are totally different.
>> > 

.....  Novell NDS is much better the MS its (nds kopied) AD....  
but thats not the issue. 

Als big point is, not thinking in AD, its making better manuals/howtos based on realworld examples.
Im working with Novell/Windows/ over 20 years now. Linux about 15. 
and really, the manuals and howtos arent easy to read, sorry.. that is for me since im dutch. 

There are to many senarios, and combined with the wiki, its a mess in my head... 

Some howto's simplified would be nice. like for example. 
( choose ) 
- Single server setup, with samba4 AD, choose internal dns or bind. etc.. 
- 2 Samba4 DC servers, using bind, etc. etc. 
- 1 samba4 server, added to windows AD. 
- 1 windows server, added to samba4 ad. 
- 2 samba4 DC servers and remote 1 samba DC server. 
These 5 are are the start of all other senarios. 
( some extra's ) 
- samba4 setup with DRDB or GLUSTER  ( sinds its default in most distros )  

( management ) 
GUI - Windows tools
CLI - some needed commands as example. 
etc .. 

Put the pro/cons in a matrix what works what not. 
and i preferred something like this with for example the sernet packages. 
This way is always the same, no compiling needed, so less questions here,
and bugs are faster found. looks a win win for me. 
and if a setup if make for example with ubuntu, is usable for all debian bases install. 
same for centos/redhet. 

Im using this stratigy for al my servers i install and manage.
bugs are very fast found and fixed with upstream packages. 

I dont compile on any production server, as should everyone else. 

Any suggestions samba team? please do so, lets make the best software even better. 
My now running setup, is done by howto ( make my own at the time ), and is running sinds 2004,
with 0 errors, ok, some failing hardware, but samba never let me down. 
I still use the manual to install new servers in my environment now. 

I've been testing samba4 since alpha 8, and for now, im still not running it. 
Why, setting up samba4 is to complex in my situation, yes, documentation is good, but for me its to much.
but.... if its for me, how about other people,... what would you like to see to simpilfy the samba4 install. 

A simple thing as installing samba4 and adding it as DC to a windows domain. 
really try it with only the wiki info. Such a simple thing like this, is very complex explaind in the wiki.

but ok this is my point of view. 

I do like samba, but wiki/howtos are lots to improve. 

I promise to the samba communitie, when i start my install, ill document it and make a nice howto of it. 
A howto everyone can read and understand.  ( will be debian/ubuntu base, with sernet packages ) 

Still samba team/sernet team, thanks for providing this software, lets make it better with all of us. 
there al lots of very good people here on the mailing which have the knowlidge to make such howtos. 

ow... and sorry for my bad english..  ;-) i dont write much in english these days. 

Best regards, 


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