[Samba] memory consumption with treesize pro and cifs shares

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Wed Jul 24 00:20:11 MDT 2013

Cy Mike wrote:
> Hi everyone. I'm looking to solve an issue with Samba on a NAS being
> accessed with TreeSize Pro. Using that program to scan through millions of
> files is eating up memory on swap and eventually crashing the system.
Which system is crashing?  the NAS or the one running the scan?... I
think you mean the
NAS, but I'm not sure.

I ran 2 copies on different partitions at the same time but didn't
reproduce the problem.
(Never got close).

Note -- at one point I had a problem with TSP finding more disk space on
my disk(S) than
I had...

Under the Tools-Options menu, there is an option which used to default
to 'on'...

"Follow Mount Points and External Symbolic Links to Directories"

That caused it to go out for lunch, a sauna and an afternoon swim...i.e.
it ran into
loops but only TreeSize kept growing bit by bit.

Are you running smb32 or 64?

How big are the disks you are searching through?

Are you using default size INodes or larger?  How much speed to do you get
when using 'dd' to transfer a file?  (ln /dev/zero ~/zero; ln /dev/null
dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/zero bs=16-64M seems optimal,

I'm not on the samba team, but am curious -- wanted to see if I could
repro it with
my current samba and server.  I'm running samba 3.6.16 and my server is x64.

You running 32 or 64bit?  maybe that is contributing?

>  It's
> scanning mounted CIFS shares on the NAS running TrueNAS with samba version
> 3.6.9
> We have a test case and have been able to replicate the issue on another
> machine.
    Awesome...  I only have TreeSize Professional (didn't
bother to upgrade since
this one worked for my needs at the time).

    I currently have 3 copies of it running
> The "solution" right now is to simply not run TreeSize Pro. Not the best of
> plans.
> In the meantime, I'm going to continue to check the usual manuals/google
> sources to see if I can find anything. I haven't as yet and am short on
> time with this. Basically looking to see if this is an actual bug that
> might require a patch/upgrade, or something I can fix with some tuneables.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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