[Samba] Winbind in Samba 4 suite and the template homedir parameter

Davor Vusir davor.vusir at live.se
Fri Jul 19 04:17:31 MDT 2013


The command "samba-tool testparm -v" returns "template homedir = /home/%WORKGROUP%/%ACCOUNTNAME%".

Is there other variables that can be used?

It is possible to add one or more uPNSuffixes to Samba 4 AD DC to alter the userPrincipalName. Both on the "domain" level (cn=uPNSuffixes,cn=Partitions,...) and on OU-level (cn=uPNSuffixes,ou=example.org,dc=...) But is it possible to return the dns domain part, %UPNSUFFIXES%, in winbind? And use it for domain separated paths to home directories?

For example:
uPNSuffixes = example.org, example.net

template homedir = /home/%UPNSUFFIXES%/%ACCOUNTNAME%

And winbind returns /home/example.org/<username> and /home/example.net/<username> respectivly.


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