[Samba] New ADC configuration

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Jul 15 13:19:48 MDT 2013

Hello Matthew,

Am 15.07.2013 20:18, schrieb Matthew Daubenspeck:
> I'm working next on getting several test member servers working as well,
> and I'm a little confused with the config. According to the Samba AD DC
> HOWTO on the wiki, it really doesn't have anything in the config about
> the "idmap config" stuff. When adding member servers, does the idmap
> config options only go on the member servers, or does it have to have to
> be on the ADC as well?

If you have multiple DCs, then the domain group/user/etc. stuff is 
automatically on each DC (directory replication). Member servers are 
getting the xID information from the DCs. And for that you need an Idmap 

For your member servers, I recommend to use backend AD and retrieve the 
xIDs from AD. Then you can edit the unix user/group information directly 
from ADUC, with all other account data. An example is in the HowTo: 
Also then your user/groups have the same xIDs on all members.


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