[Samba] Invalid listing, samba 3.6.6

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Jul 15 12:10:07 MDT 2013

Hello Simon,

Am 15.07.2013 08:33, schrieb Traugott Simon:
> i do have a problem with Amanda and Smbclient again.
> Im trying to backup some shares and I do get some errors which i cannot fix:
>   ? smbclient: Error reading file \Dtel\El\2009-11 u TEST\2009-11\Logos\meeting, England\P1020272.MOV : NT_STATUS_OK
>    ? smbclient: Didn't get entire file. size=86525282, nread=61719840
>    ? smbclient: NT_STATUS_OK opening remote file \Dr\P1020273.JPG (\Dnd\File)
>    ? smbclient: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_INVALID listing \Drittmittel\Directory\*

Are you getting errors too, if you use smbclient to directly connect to 
your server (without amanda) and browse the shares and retrive files?

Can you add a "-d 3" to the smbclient command in your amanda 
configuration and let it log somewhere? Maybe you get some more details 
what causes your problem.


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