[Samba] Forest and Domain DNS Replication with 2003 AD

Garth Keesler garthk at gdcjk.com
Mon Jul 15 04:55:52 MDT 2013

I have been unable to get forest and domain DNS bi-directional 
replication working between Win2003 PDC and Samba 4.0.7 DC after having 
followed many threads about this topic. This is the only remaining issue 
with demoting the Win DC. Has anyone had any success with replicating 
these zones and, if so, would you mind sending me what you did to make 
it work? The one strange error I get is the the DNS MMC on the 2003 box 
will not detect that the Samba box is a valid DNS server when I try to 
add it to the list of DNS servers stating the it is not an Active 
Directory server even tho all replication is working and FSMO roles have 
been transferred. The Samba DC also shows up in the Admin tools on the 
Win DC.

Any help greatly appreciated...

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