[Samba] removing dead samba4 dc

Tom Seeley samba at tomseeley.co.uk
Fri Jul 12 01:54:53 MDT 2013


I have a small but live samba4 AD (pure samba4, no Windows servers).   
My secondary (the one that was added 2nd) DC has expired, so I need to  
remove it from the domain.  However the traditional Windows mechanism  
for doing this (deleting the entry from ADUC) doesn't work.  I'm not  
sure if this was supposed to work, but the error I get is:

Windows cannot delete object  
Controllers,DC=<orgname>,DC=<tld> because: The specified module could  
not be found.

My guess is that method is not supposed to work.

So given that I can't run a samba-tool demote (the server I wish to  
demote is not running), how do I remove it as a DC?



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