[Samba] does winbind have an upper limit of 1410065407 for UID numbers?

Joshua McClintock joshua at gravityedge.com
Thu Jul 11 13:00:11 MDT 2013

Hello, I'm seem to be hitting an upper limit on the range in winbind for
idmap or I have something configured incorrectly...

My uidNumber in AD is 1951526546, which the log message show it retrieved
correctly, however, the log message shows the upper limit is 1410065407
even though it's configured to be 9999999999.

Here are the lines from my smb.conf

   idmap config CORP:range = 1000000000-9999999999
   idmap config CORP:backend = ad
   idmap config CORP:schema_mode = rfc2307

[2013/07/05 14:47:09.217707,  5]
  pdb_default_uid_to_sid: Did not find user joshua (1951526546)
[2013/07/05 14:47:09.217775,  5]
  Requested id (1951526546) out of range (1000000000 - 1410065407).

Has anyone else had this issue using uid numbers so large?


Joshua McClintock

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