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I've had experience with a Western Digital "MyBook Live DUO", and it does
NOT support any type of network authentication.  Users must be created and
deleted on that device. 

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Hi there,

Has anyone tried to configure a NAS server to authenticate users using a
Samba PDC, or even a Samba4 DC (AD-compatible) or an IPA server?

I'm evaluating replacing some Linux file server for a NAS product, but
all them make me nervous when the vendor talks about "Active Directory
support" and nothing else.

In theory, many NASes are Linux boxes running samba, so there shouldn't
be a problem, except if the web admin interface won't support a samba DC
setup and I won't have SSH access to configure the NAS samba myself.

So I'm asking if someone there has had any real experience, be it using
Fedora, CentOS or RHEL as the Samba3 PDC or Samba4 DC.

PS: I'm cross-posting because I asked before on the samba mailing list
and nobody cared to answer. Or nobody has had any real experience. I'm
hoing many sysadmins on the Fedora list also works on companies with
RHEL or CentOS and had a real experience to share.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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