[Samba] dcerpc + threads

Ilya Markov ilyamarkov at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 12:12:04 MDT 2013

I have read that none of the samba code has been written to explicitly support threads, but that there are "sections" are not inherently thread-unsafe (e.g. talloc).

I am attempting to write a multi-threaded client to interface with a MS RPC server (more specifically read the MS Event Log). My goal (and reasoning behind threads vs processes) is that I would like to establish a connection once, and then have a "random" worker operate on that connection. I considered a multi-process solution, but between sharing the connection and all the talloc'd memory needed to call the dcerpc_ functions, it seemed that it is worth trying to multi-thread the application.

So my question, in short, is whether any of the dcerpc/tevent/talloc libraries are thread-unsafe? If not, do I need to do something special?

In my testing thus far (with only 2 threads), I often, but not always, get a failure from 'dcerpc_pipe_connect_b' with error code 0xc000008b or 0xc000000d. Needless to say, I haven't seen a failure when removing either of the threads.


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