[Samba] Removed params 'force security mode' etc. What to use instead?

Brian H. Nelson bhnelson at ysu.edu
Fri Jul 5 09:10:08 MDT 2013

On 7/3/2013 4:54 PM, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> My guess is this is related to the Unix extensions. Basically certain 
> versions of OS X; I can't remember which ones but 10.5 sticks in my 
> mind but that might be related to symbolic links and it was 10.6 that 
> was the problem, notice the file server does Unix extensions and then 
> decides to go behind the Samba servers back and fiddle with the 
> permissions. 

Indeed. Unfortunately (in this case) we had already disabled unix 
extensions a while back when 10.6.8/10.7 came out and we started seeing 
similar permission issues. I'm surprized that "force security mode" 
wouldn't work. That actually sounds like a bug if that's the case. I 
don't believe I ever actually tested it myself but we did pin that as 
another possible solution at that time.

This seems to be a different but similar issue on some new machines with 
10.8. I'm not yet sure if it's an OS issue or a application issue. So 
far, I've only seen it when a user 'packages' a project from Adobe 
InDesign. Many of the extra files in the 'package' (just a folder, not 
an archive or anything) end up without group permissions which is a big 
issue for them.


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