[Samba] Trusted Domains List

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Thu Jul 4 15:32:06 MDT 2013

Am 04.07.2013 22:08, schrieb Paul Pugliese:
> I should have mentioned this in my first post, but I am running Samba 3.3.15

Can you upgrade to a newer version? The 3.3 tree out of maintainance 
since 3 years. And there are many improvements, features and 
compatibility fixes that went into the code in that time. Maybe your 
problem automatically dissappears with a newer version. And you'll get 
easier hints and support here on the list on recent versions.

I had a trust with two Samba 3 domains many years ago. But never against 
AD. But if I google your error, there are different things that can 
cause this message (like 

Can you give more information on your installation (LDAP backend yes/no, 

What you should also try, is to increase the samba log level (maybe 3 
for the beginning). Maybe you get more information to find the cause of 
your problem.

Here is also a HowTo about Samba<->AD trusts (but with Samba 3.6):


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