[Samba] Removed params 'force security mode' etc. What to use instead?

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Wed Jul 3 14:54:41 MDT 2013

On 03/07/13 19:56, Brian H. Nelson wrote:


> I have a situation currently where it looks like I will need to
> implement the above 'force' settings in my samba 3.x environment to deal
> with some misbehaving OS X clients that insist on stripping group
> permissions from files in certain situations. I'd rather not start using
> settings that I know are removed in future versions, but I'm not sure of
> a better way. Can anyone recommend the best way to deal with this?

My guess is this is related to the Unix extensions. Basically certain 
versions of OS X; I can't remember which ones but 10.5 sticks in my mind 
but that might be related to symbolic links and it was 10.6 that was the 
problem, notice the file server does Unix extensions and then decides to 
go behind the Samba servers back and fiddle with the permissions.

Here is the kicker however the force settings don't help. It would 
appear that you can override them using the Unix extensions. The only 
solution I could come up with was turning Unix extensions off.

The basics are the SMB client in OS X seems to change it's behaviour 
with every major release, and a working config that deals with them all 
is hard to come by. The rewritten client in 10.7 was particularly bad 
especially in early point releases. From memory it did not become usable 
till 10.7.3


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