[Samba] migrating samba shares to a netapp filer?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Jan 31 11:46:19 MST 2013

Al 31/01/13 18:22, En/na John P Arends ha escrit:
> I agree completely. robocopy is the best solution here. Why try to make your life more complicated?

Because I'm not familiar with windows as a server and robocopy, and I
see it difficult to use it afterwards for backups.
Also, I have some scripts currently running on the samba server to
create directories with a specified set of permissions. Once the share
is on the filer, I could use cifsmount, but then I'll have the same
problem with permissions that I have now.
OTOH if I use unix security on the filer, I can nfs mount the filer with
no need to modify the scripts.
Anyway, if I use robocopy, with which credentials should I connect the
existing shares in order to have access to every file?

On Jan 31, 2013, at 10:29 AM, Wolfgang Ratzka
<ratzka at hrz.uni-marburg.de> wrote:

> AFAIK XFS does have Posix ACLs (which never left draft status)

but samba can use it to show ACLs on the windows side. Even with only
the basic permissions samba does a good job in showing the permissions
under windows. Netapp OTOH....

> and NetApp
> might be able to do NFSv4 ACLs on volumes with NTFS security
> exported via NFSv4 (not sure about that).

Nope, I tried it and it doesn't work (and it is documented that it isn't
supposed to work).
You can only manipulate permissions via nfs (be it v3 or v4) if the
security is unix.
After many years of using samba I find this limitation shocking to say
the least.

> If your ACLs follow a simple pattern (user and group directories with
> fairly uniform access rights) you might just recreate the ACLs from
> scratch, otherwise robocopy does a fairly good job in translating
> the ACLs.

Actually most of the access control is based on unix permissions, only a
handful of directories have ACLs, so I think I could live with unix
style security on the filer, but I fear that it will cause me another
set of problems in the future.

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