[Samba] migrating samba shares to a netapp filer?

Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jan 31 09:29:18 MST 2013

Am 31.01.2013 16:43, schrieb Luca Olivetti:
> Al 31/01/13 16:09, En/na John P Arends ha escrit:
>> If I were you I'd connect to both shares using a Windows machine and run robocopy to copy all the permissions.
> I thought about that but I'd prefer a Linux solution (if possible).

There is a lack of standardization in  ACLs on the Linux/Unix side
(fine grained ACLs beyound User/Group/World).
AFAIK XFS does have Posix ACLs (which never left draft status) and NetApp
might be able to do NFSv4 ACLs on volumes with NTFS security
exported via NFSv4 (not sure about that).

If your ACLs follow a simple pattern (user and group directories with
fairly uniform access rights) you might just recreate the ACLs from
scratch, otherwise robocopy does a fairly good job in translating
the ACLs.

Kind Regards
Wolfgang Ratzka

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