[Samba] migrating samba shares to a netapp filer?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Jan 31 03:58:03 MST 2013

I'll soon have to migrate our samba shares to a netapp filer (not my
Currently the shares are on an xfs filesystem and served by samba 3.5.2,
which is also the domain controller (a role that it will maintain, only
the shares are being transferred) and sama/unix users are in ldap. The
filer is in the domain and uses ldap to map user ids and that seems to work.
Samba maps the unix permissions and xfs ACLs to windows ACLs, but the
filer isn't as smart: the share can be in ntfs mode or in unix mode
(there's also a mixed mode but I'd avoid that).

To copy the data I nfs mount the netapp and use rsync.
For that to work I have to use unix mode on the filed (with ntfs mode
the netapp doesn't allow nfs clients to  modify file ownership and
permissions) but while that works and I like the fact that I can use
rsync not only for the initial migration, but also for making backups in
the future, that means I lose the ACLs and it's ugly as seen on a
windows client (since the netapp shows unix permissions in an ugly way).

I tried a cifs mount against a ntfs style netapp share, but that didn't
correctly map the users and permissions when I rsync'ed the files.

Is there a better way to copy the data, possibly using ntfs style
permissions on the filer and not precluding the use of rsync in the future?

I've read about robocopy but I'm not really sure it's a good option.

Luca Olivetti
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