[Samba] Solaris 11 can't join Active Directory Domain

Ong Yu-Phing y_ong at usa.net
Wed Jan 30 19:43:32 MST 2013

I can help (I run various openindiana storage servers in my company), 
basically you need to check 3 things

1) /etc/krb/krb5.conf
make sure you have your [realms], [domain_realm] configs correct, e.g. 
if you have a domain called DOMAIN.LOCAL, and a DC server hostname 
dc.domain.local (make sure that hostname resolves via DNS or /etc/hosts 

         default_realm = DOMAIN.LOCAL

         DOMAIN.LOCAL = {
                 kdc = dc.domain.local
                 kpasswd_server = dc.domain.local
                 kpasswd_protocol = SET_CHANGE
                 admin_server = dc.domain.local

         .domain.local = DOMAIN.LOCAL

2) time
make sure you ntpdate with your DC to ensure your time is sync

3) LMauth level

sharectl set -p lmauth_level=4 smb

depending on your AD forest version, you may need to do either level=2 or 4

Hope this helps.

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