[Samba] Samba AD DC initial join fails at schema replication

Rican, Joshua T Civ USAF AF ISR Agency NASIC/SCXE Joshua.Rican at wpafb.af.mil
Mon Jan 28 06:04:31 MST 2013

>That's a known issue I have a patch for this it was working back in October
>and it's in my todo to restest >it, ping me in a couple of days, for the
>moment you need not to have Windows 2012 schema.
>That is to say never join a Windows 2012 server to your domain.

>Matthieu Patou
>Samba Team

Was just wondering if you had a chance to test out your patch?  I am also
willing to do additional testing if it could be of help, the environment I'm
working with is essentially a lab.
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