[Samba] domain provision error

Rowland Penny rpenny at f2s.com
Fri Jan 25 04:44:53 MST 2013

On 25/01/13 10:03, Greg Sloop <gregs at sloop.net> wrote:
> I didn't get any configure or make errors (at least any I was aware of)
> The make test appears to bomb horribly, but I can't find any docs about it,
> so I don't know if its still a valid test, or when/how to run it etc.
> The real problem appears to be that it can't load any of the SAM modules.
> As noted above, the files are there and exist, and appear to have the
> correct permissions.
> Has anyone gotten it to compile, install and provision properly on Ubuntu
> 12.04?
Hi, a guarded yes, I have compiled all the RC's, 4.0.0 final and a few 
git pulls (but not the latest) on Ubuntu server 12.04.1, just what 
version are you trying?
Just a thought, is the acl package installed?


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