[Samba] migrating from Samba3 with tdbsam to samba4 AD server?

Simon Matthews simon.d.matthews at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 22:47:37 MST 2013

What's the best path to do this?

I currently have a SAMBA3 domain controller using tdbsam and would
like to migrate to Samba4 as an AD controller. I assume that this will
require loading my existing user database into ldap.

What's the best path for this? Should I look for a samba3 to samba4
migration, continuing to use tdbsam in samba4, and then convert to
ldap, or convert my existing samba3 installation from tdbsam to ldap
first? Clearly, I want to ensure that logins (and especially SIDs) are
preserved so that there is minimal impact to Windows clients.


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