[Samba] require_membership_of is ignored

Philipoff, Andrew aphilipoff at medicine.ucsf.edu
Thu Jan 24 15:21:56 MST 2013


When you say that you can log on as any AD user, do you mean using SSH? On our systems I use "pam_succeed_if.so user ingroup" in our /etc/pam.d/sshd files, see below:

auth       include      system-auth
account    required     pam_nologin.so
#account    include      system-auth
account    sufficient   pam_succeed_if.so user ingroup local_admin_group
account    sufficient   pam_succeed_if.so user ingroup active_directory_group
password   include      system-auth
session    optional     pam_keyinit.so force revoke
session    include      system-auth
session    required     pam_loginuid.so

Note that I comment out "account include system-auth " and add a local admin group so as not to lock out local users.


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I have a RHEL 6.3 machine successfully bound to AD using winbind, and commands like wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g output the users and groups. I can also log in as any AD user.

The problem is, I can log on as any AD user.

require_membership_of is being ignored. I can put in a valid group with no spaces in the name, a group by SID, and either way, everyone can log in.

I've put this option in both /etc/pam.d/system-auth and /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf and any user can log in.

Any suggestions, or advice on how I can better troubleshoot this? I'm not seeing anything in the logs that is helpful, but I may not be looking in the right place.

I've asked a few other people who have told me "oh, that never works" but I can't imagine that is the case.

Running  3.5.10-125.el6 by the way..



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