[Samba] Ubuntu compile/install location

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Jan 23 20:50:35 MST 2013

Ok, while I'm usually more comfortable installing an RPM or DEB
package and having the package maintainer handle all the details for
me - I don't get a choice here.

The latest Ubuntu 12.04 package is the Alpha18 release.

So, I've compiled my own copy of Samba4.01 - and surprise, surprise,
it went well.

So the crux of the question is:
Where should I install it to. [What directory.]

The Wiki notes that it will go to [/usr/local/samba] by default.

While this is probably more a Debian/Ubuntu question - it probably
makes as much sense to ask here, vs the Ubuntu folks.

I suspect there's a bunch of you who are experienced on Ubuntu and who
might be able to point me to somewhere that might clarify this
question for me, or offer their own experience/advice.

So, again - the install by default is to [usr/local/samba]
Is leaving the default a good idea? If not, why and where should I
install to to avoid issues later.

And as long as we're on the subject - any advice to make my long term
experience better, having compiled my own vs. a package install?


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