[Samba] windows ADS and inter domain trusts

paul harford harfordmeister at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 07:55:13 MST 2013

Hi Guys i was wondering could someone clarify whats needed with SAMBA and
Windows ad

I have setup a samba on rhel6 its not a pdc, it will have to share with an
app on the samba server that users will access but the users authenticate
through Windows AD

when i do net ads join all goes ok

if i do wbinfo -u and -u all the users and groups are listed so all appears
ok and wbinfo -t works ok too
as does net ads info

but if i do net rpc trusdom list its blank and net rpc testjoin doesn't
work either
also in log there is a winbind error intermittently

could not recieve trusdom

my question is if the samba server is not a pdc and the ads part works, is
an rpc trust relationship required ? if it is required does anyone know the
meaning of the number in the error .c:289(trustdom_recv)

many thanks for any time and help your willing to share :-)

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