[Samba] Samba 4 - Logging data entry as LDIF?

Robert Moggach rob at dashing.tv
Thu Jan 17 01:25:38 MST 2013

Without knowing the process by which data is added to the directory,
is there any logging output that shows LDIF data as entries are added?
... Or is the LDIF component more of a
translation layer? I've been scripting some tools to more easily
automate some of the Linux things I need but I invariably corrupt my
test directory on a daily basis. I'd like to be able to add entries on
Windows and see the logging on Linux so I can more easily reconcile
where I'm making mistakes. I have a hunch it's something to do with
primary Group ID or gidNumber or uidNumber in combination with a
missing posixAccount or msSFU30NisDomain attribute.

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