[Samba] samba 4 samba-tool user encrypted password

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Jan 16 04:05:56 MST 2013

On Wed, 2013-01-16 at 10:41 +0100, sergio.conrad wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks with the good job with samba 4.
> I was wondering, is there a possibility to use an already encrypted password like sambaNTPassword or {SSHA} encrypted password with samba-tool user command ?

We need the plaintext because we need to make not only arcfour-hmac-md5
key (the unicodePwd, the NT hash), but also AES keys and (if configured)
DES keys.

You can set only the unicodePwd if you must, to the NT hash value, but
not a {SSHA} value.  You cannnot currently do this via tools, but see
discussions on this list for examples of code that can set the magic
flags to allow this.

Andrew Bartlett

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