[Samba] Samba4 kerberos doesn`t start at boot

Infosec infosec at safetech.ro
Sat Jan 12 04:10:50 MST 2013

Hello all,

I have encountered a strange problem...
I have installed Samba4 on Arch linux, it works very well, I have joined
some Windows7 stations to domain, and also use NFSv4 (kerberized). Also
DNS  - bind 9.9 - works well with dynamic updates with samba.
My problem is that when the system boots, samba is started ( by systemd,
after network and after named), well most of the processes, but not
kerberos and kpasswd services. I have to log on to the system and
restart samba and then kerberos is started. What is even stranger, is
that if I make a script to restart samba - let`s say after 5 minutes
after system boots, it does not help, kerberos service is not started.
Only if I restart samba from the console (ssh) it starts. This makes me
wonder if kerberos or kpasswd needs a tty or something related to
console to start.
I couldn`t find anything in logs, even with debugging ... also running
samba as a single process ( -M single) does not help.

Please give me an advice - I`m out of ideas.

Teo L.

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