[Samba] /home with Samba4 and Windows Server 2012

Felix Spanier felix.spanier at gmx.de
Fri Jan 11 09:23:53 MST 2013


we have installed Samba4 to work with a Windows 2012 server. By now users may log on (remotely) to the Windows Server using domain authentification. Now we were trying to include /home for the users. I understand this is now working in a different fashion than with Samba3, but makes use of the RSAT tools. 
As far as I have found out the server administration console in Win2012 server does the job of RSAT, but I am not able to administrate the Samba server.
Does anyone know how to add the Samba server to the server console under Win Server 2012?
And how do I use /home correctly then?

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