[Samba] Help with 'samba-tool dsacl set ...'

Robert Moggach rob at dashing.tv
Tue Jan 8 18:47:34 MST 2013

I've tried setting default object permissions for the automountMap and
automount objects when they're added to my schema but I'm still getting acl
errors. I would assume that the 'samba-tool dsacl set' command could help
me but I have no clue where to start with syntax and I looked at the python
to see if I could find it but to no avail.

>From using MMC on the windows side I assume I need the following

Authenticated Users: View
Domain Admins: Full

so without knowing how...

samba-tool dsacl set -URL=ldap://sambaserver.mydomain \
--action=allow \
--objectdn='automountMapName=auto.master,DC=MYDOMAIN' \
--trusteedn='CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=MYDOMAIN' \
-U Administrator \

probably miles away...

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