[Samba] Samba 4 "Services for UNIX"?

Robert Moggach rob at dashing.tv
Tue Jan 8 10:50:19 MST 2013

I've been back and forth with Andrew on this offlist and a few notes to
I still don't have full success:

*1) How to install the necessary schema etc for UNIX connectivity*

The part I was missing here, which isn't part of the howto, is that to get
Windows to see the UNIX attributes (Services for UNIX etc.) you need to
have an NIS domain.
When provisioning you need to add the following option:


This will add records to create an NIS domain that the Windows side will
recognize, allowing you to change UIDs,GIDs etc. in the GUI.
It's all possible with ldbmodify but I wanted to get the GUI working.

> *2) How to install/manage UNIX friendly users, groups, etc.*

I found this site which was indispensable in getting back to a familiar


There are a few places in his howto that I got caught on but in the end I
have multiple OSs authenticating against Samba AD DC.
It's for OpenSUSE but I had little issue translating for CentOS 6.x.

> *3) How to successfully add the automount schema (the wiki doesn't seem
> to work for me)*

This ISN'T working yet. :(
Regardless of how I've tried using ldapadd or ldbadd or ldbmodify I can't
get past the following error:

"schema_data_add: we are not master: reject request"

This is with "dsdb:schema update allowed = yes" used as an option on the
command line and also in the smb.conf, separately and together.

> * 4) How to add automount maps*

This seems to be an easy task once the schema is added.

So if anyone has some insight on the "we are not master" error I'd love it.
I'm only running one server so I'm not sure why it's not able to add the


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