[Samba] [4.0] Machine account creation

Kaito Kumashiro kumashiro.kaito at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 08:32:03 MST 2013


I have a  Samba 4.0 DC and I want to add a new machine account manually. I
cannot use 'net ads join', because there is no (and cannot be) Samba client
on that machine. I need to use samba-tool for this.

When I issue a command:

  samba-tool user add MACHINE$ --random-password --userou=CN=Computers

the account is created, but for a user named "MACHINE$" (with all LDAP
attributes for a user), not for computer with name "MACHINE". I still can
use it for KRB authentication (I can bind SPN to it), but it would be great
if this account would show up as a computer in ADUC.
How can I add a machine account manually?

Thank you

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