[Samba] SaMBa 4.0 - homedir mapping

Stephen Jones lloydsystems at fastmail.com.au
Mon Jan 7 07:27:14 MST 2013

The short answer is yes.  Do it from Active Directory Users & Computers
when creating the user account.  ADUC is available by installing the
RSAT tools on a Windows client joined to the domain.

Initial setup is to create the share for user home directories.  For
example, create the directory /home/DOMAIN and share this as 'users' by
adding the share definition to smb.conf file.  Only required settings
are the path and read only = no.  

Login to Windows as Administrator.  It is important to set the
permissions right first.  Browse to \\server\users and open the security
properties.  Remove any entries other than Administrator.  Add an entry
for Domain Users with read and execute permissions for this folder only.
 You can optionally add an entry for Domain Admins with full control for
this folder, subfolders and files.  

Now open ADUC and add a user account.  In the profile tab, under home
folder, select a drive letter and enter the path
\\server\users\username.  This will create the folder with the correct
permissions and will be automatically mapped when the user logs in.


Stephen Jones
Lloyd Systems Engineering

On Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 09:45 AM, Celso Viana wrote:
> Hi all,
> In Samba 4.0 is possible to map the user's home directory
> automatically without user intervention?
> Thanks
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> Celso Vianna
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