[Samba] Rename a user...

Modulok modulok at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 22:55:49 MST 2013


I had to rename a system user account. I deleted the corresponding samba user
via `pdbedit` and re-added the user under the new spelling. E.g: `fo` became
`foo`. I also edited the system group and passwd files using appropriate
commands. (On FreeBSD.) No problems. The output of `pdbedit --list` is shows
the new, correct spelling. The user's home directory was also renamed on the
server to the new spelling.

The problem, is `smbtree` still lists the old spelling and the share is now
inaccessible from windows clients under the new spelling.

Some command line rummaging::

    pdbedit --list --user foo
    foo:1005:User &

That's correct. How about the system user::

    grep foo /etc/passwd
    foo:*:1005:1005:User &:/home/foo:/bin/tcsh

Correct. How about the group file::

    grep foo /etc/group

Good. And the home directory::

    ls -d /home/foo

All good... but then evil strikes::

    smbtree --no-pass
    \\fido\fo     #<-- The old spelling! Where does this come from?!

I restarted the samba server process but it didn't help. The server `fido` is
the local browse master and a wins server. Are the names listed by smbtree
cached somewhere else? If so how do I mark them as dirty?


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