[Samba] Samba 3 master browser on two networks plus WINS

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:39:46 MST 2013

WINS is not the issue since you can't connect via IP either.
Routing is not the issue since you can connect to other services.   Are 
all clients showing 5.1 or 7.1 as default gw?

It could be a firewall configuration issue on your server- although that 
does not seem likely.  Did you have to specifically add rules to allow 
HTTPS?  Can you temporarily disable the firewall on the server?

Are their firewalls enabled on the PC's?  Presuming clients don't have 
problems accessing shares from other clients on the same subnet?   The 
default XP firewall behavior may be to block network shares.    I think 
it is possible to configure the XP firewall to allow access from some 
IP's but not others-  but that is something you would have had to 
explicitly set up.

Fedora typically has a firewall enabled as well-   on fedora you have 
the "system-config-firewall" command to provide a gui front end (I think 
this is iptables.)  It may have specific ports and services enabled or 
disabled by default but I don't think it would have rules that filter by 
source ip enabled by default.

Can you "telnet somehost 139" ?

On 01/03/13 16:16, Gala Dragos wrote:
> The samba server also acts as the router.
> That is correct, a pc on subnet 1 cannot access a pc on subnet 2 through samba, but works fine using other protocols.
> Both subnet 1 and subnet 2 have pc that run Windows 7 x64, or Windows XP, or Linux (usually Fedora 17).
> The server itself runs on Archlinux.
>>>   It seems that WINS is not the problem.
> Then what is ?
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> Subject: Re: [Samba] Samba 3 master browser on two networks plus WINS
> Presumably pc on subnet1 does NOT need to access a share from
> since it can access
> Presumably pc on subnet2 does NOT need to access a share from
> since it can access
> If you have a dual homed server + a router between subnets your routing
> could get a little tricky when access shares on the "other subnet" IP of
> the samba server.   Or is the samba server also the router?
> But to clarify your issue is that a /*single-homed client */ PC on
> subnet1 (e.g. LIVINGROOM)  can not access shares on single-homed client
> PC on subnet2 (e.g. ACERJUNKI)- even though they can ping each other?
> It seems that WINS is not the problem.
> On 01/03/13 15:41, Gala Dragos wrote:
>> Subnet 1 :
>>, wins
>> subnet 2:
>>, wins
>> all pc are allocated ip's from their respective subnet via dhcp.
>> a pc on subnet 1 cannot access a share from e pc on subnet 2, not even by ip. Same happens from subnet 2 to subnet 1.
>> The firewall is setup as to allow all traffic between the 2 subnets, effectively considering them as a single zone (I use shorewall as an UI to iptables)
>> I have not specified any ports in smb.conf, but I have binded samba to the required ethernet interface.
>> Here is the wins.dat. I can see references from both subnets.
>>>>>>>>> wins.dat follows >>>>>>
>> VERSION 1 0
>>> "WORKGROUP#1e" 1357503758 e4R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB#03" 1357503758 66R
>>> "WORKGROUP#00" 1357503758 e4R
>>> "ROUTERJUNKIE#03" 1357503758 64R
>>> "LIVINGROOM#20" 1357541821 64R
>>> "LINUXJUNKIE#00" 1357511721 64R
>>> "ROUTERJUNKIE#00" 1357503758 64R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB RO#03" 1357258441 64R
>>> "FUJILAPPY#20" 1357497461 64R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB#00" 1357503758 66R
>>> "WORKGROUP#1b" 1357503758 64R
>>> "LIVINGROOM#00" 1357541816 64R
>>> "LINUXJUNKIE#20" 1357511723 64R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB RO#20" 1357258441 64R
>>> "WORKGROUP#1c" 1357503758 e4R
>>> "ACERJUNKIE#00" 1357381531 64R
>>> "FUJILAPPY#00" 1357497461 64R
>>> "ACERJUNKIE#20" 1357381531 64R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB RO#00" 1357258441 64R
>>> "ARCHROUTEUSB#20" 1357503758 66R
>>> "ROUTERJUNKIE#20" 1357503758 64R
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> end wins.dat >>>>>>>>>>

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