[Samba] Core dump trying to join domain on FreeBSD

Christian Ullrich chris at chrullrich.net
Tue Jan 1 05:30:42 MST 2013

* Christian Ullrich wrote:

> * Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> The error certainly does seem to be coming from Heimdal - that error
>> string only exists in Heimdal, not in Samba.
> I thought so, too, but I hoped there might have been other instances of
> this in connection with Samba.
>> If you can run it under valgrind, we might get more of a hint as to why
>> there is invalid memory (I can't think of any other reason why this
>> might fail - a checksum doesn't really fail like this even in 'failure'
>> modes).
> The attached log is from valgrind without any options. I find it
> interesting that valgrind produces a valid backtrace, but even the core
> dump it wrote shows only as garbage in gdb.
> As usually happens to me, I found a workaround immediately after asking
> for help, so this is not as terribly important to me anymore as it was
> yesterday. I had the problem in an x86 environment; it turns out that it
> works fine on an amd64 system.

Not so. It fails just the same when Samba is built against the FreeBSD 
port version of Heimdal (1.5.2) rather than the version in the base 
system (1.1.0 iirc).

I will ask for help from the Heimdal people next.


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