[Samba] Is it save to change USER HWM back to 1

Sebastian Neustein sebastian.neustein at arc-aachen.de
Thu Feb 28 08:41:42 MST 2013

Hi list

we have some problems with our group mappings. 

Users of the group domainusers cannot access a share where this 
group has access rights. Usually to increase the upper values 
of the idmap range helps for some time.
In the case of the error the winbindd-idmap log is full of:
Fatal Error: GID range full!! (max: 300000)

Someone in the samba bug reports some time ago was told to use 
net idmap check.
I did aswell: 

check database: /var/lib/samba/winbindd_idmap.tdb
Invalid USER HWM 12024: should be 1
Invalid GROUP HWM 300001: should be 177125
uid hwm: 0
gid hwm: 177124
mappings: 6
other: 3
invalid records: 0
missing links: 0
invalid links: 0

There is the option to repair the database by using 
net idmap check -r
but is this save? What happens when the USER HWM is set back to 1.

We are using samba 3.6.6 (debian stable backports)

Output from smb.conf:
  # ldap settings
  passdb backend = ldapsam
  ldap suffix = dc=ourdomain,dc=de
  ldap admin dn = cn=samba,dc=ourdomain,dc=de
  ldap user suffix = ou=users
  ldap group suffix = ou=groups
  ldap machine suffix = ou=computers
  ldap idmap suffix = ou=idmaps
  ldap ssl = no
  ldapsam:trusted = yes
  ldapsam:editposix = yes

  # winbind settings
  idmap config * : range = 12000 - 300000

Thanks for your help

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