[Samba] andoid access samba4 share

Thomas Manninger DBGTMaster at gmx.at
Thu Feb 28 08:30:42 MST 2013


i installed the app "ES Datei Explorer" on my andoid phone 4.0.4.

I can access the share, but i cannot open any files, i get the error "invalid parameter".

When i try to access a windows server or samba3, it works perfectly.

I also tried some other apps named AndSMBm,... nothing can open files on a share...

[2013/02/19 13:01:40.290922,  3, pid=26840] ../source3/smbd/error.c:82(error_packet_set)
  NT error packet at ../source3/smbd/reply.c(3943) cmd=46 (SMBreadX) NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER

When i change the backend from s3fs to smb, it works!
I use samba4.0.2.

Whats the problem of the s3fs?

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