[Samba] "Samba 4" - "smbd"; "can't parse the PAC: NT_STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL" error but only for a single domain user ("Server 2008 R2" domain, "Server 2008" functional level forest).

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Feb 27 13:42:18 MST 2013

>> I do so enjoy working with users who I can ask to 'put some code in' and who can handle this so well :-).
TM> Why thank you, kind Sir :-)

TM> I do so enjoy working with people who quite obviously really, REALLY, know their subject :-)
TM> In my case, evidence only of far too many years stuck in front of
TM> a keyboard, I'm afraid ...  Anyway, the code wasn't that good -
TM> for some reason it's not actually replacing the '\' in any
TM> principal names - never mind, it'll do for this purpose ...

Ok, I have nothing to add, constructively, to this conversation - but I
have to say...

Watching this thread has been like going out for a Sunday afternoon lap swim, and finding you're
in the pool with Lochte and Phelps.

It's *really* cool to watch, but it also makes you question what on
earth you're doing in the pool with these guys.

Sheesh, thanks.
We're questioning the reason for our existence now. :)

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