[Samba] some DNS trouble ...

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Feb 26 08:11:02 MST 2013

mmgc> Well … just found that the options
mmgc> server role
mmgc> dns recursive queries
mmgc> dns forwarders

mmgc> are ignored … hmmm … well … does anyone know how to achieve the
mmgc> desired behavior without these options ?

Perhaps I don't understand what's going on - but are you sure your DNS
forwarder *IS* working properly? Because if the forwarder wasn't
servicing the DNS queries, then it would *look* like [dns forwarders]
wasn't working.

This came up in another thread in the last week. Make sure the DNS
server specified in the [dns forwarders] is actually serving DNS
queries for the AD host in question.

It's common for BIND to be locked down so it will handle local
queries for all requests, or remote queries for zones it's "auth" for
- but not to handle remote requests for non-auth zones.

[See listen-on and allow-query in BIND docs, among other things.]

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