[Samba] Print Support Samba4

Mike Ray mray at xes-inc.com
Mon Feb 25 15:16:39 MST 2013

Hey all, 

One of that last pieces to be put in place before my site goes live on Samba4 as AD is printer support. Now I've seen https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_AD_DC_HOWTO#Step_13:_Setup_a_Printer_share and at one point had Group Policy that was deploying a printer on CUPS using AD authentication/Samba shares. However, we found out that when Windows machines printed to this printer, it was bypassing CUPS, i.e. jobs weren't in CUPS logs, and in fact, CUPS could be off and it would still print. Since it appeared these machines were printing directly to the printer, we are worried about what happens when a bad/large job is sent and the printer becomes unresponsive -- without the machines going through CUPS we fear we won't be able to manage/maintain the printer. 

So to anyone who has said up printers with Samba4, what method/route did you elect? Additionally, a pointer to documentation (I haven't found anything great) would be most appreciated. 

Thanks much, 

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