[Samba] Samba AD DC with BIND DNS on separate server

Luc Lalonde luc.lalonde at polymtl.ca
Mon Feb 25 12:31:13 MST 2013

Hello Folks,

I see from the documentation that it is possible to use BIND9 as a drop-in replacement for the internal SAMBA4 DNS service...

However, I would like to know if I can keep the BIND9 DNS server on a seperate server from de one that SAMBA4 is running on (AD DC).

If this is possible, how would one go about achieving this?

I've got an existing DNS infrastructure that I do not necessarily change in a big way... 

Thank You!

Luc Lalonde, analyste
Département de génie informatique:
École polytechnique de Montréal
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Luc.Lalonde at polymtl.ca

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