[Samba] dns zone type (primary,ad integrated)

Peter Beck peter at datentraeger.li
Mon Feb 25 03:53:31 MST 2013

hi guys,

is there a possibility to change dns zone options with samba-tool ?

if I create a zone with samba-tool on the Windows Dc, I need to set
"--client-version=w2k", otherwise the command fails. But with that
option I get a primary zone (not ad integrated) on the Windows server.
I know it's possible to change that manually, but if there is an option
to fix that with samba-tool, i would prefer samba-tool to manage.

The same command (without --client-version) against the samba-server 
works and creates an Active-Directory-integrated zone. Is this by design ?

Or in other words: 
does it matter if the zone is created on the samba server ? 
as it is ad-integrated it gets replicated anyway, or am I wrong ?

I am using samba-internal dns.


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